Accredited for Peace – Home of the Peace Professional

Everyone can be a citizen of peace. Some are called to make it their vocation. CPSC acknowledges and honours their existing abilities as well as their layers of preparation and readiness to serve. CPSC would also like to empower them for deeper accountablity to their constituencies; and, to formally recognize them with accreditation.

Civilian Peace Service Canada (CPSC) is an incorporated not-for-profit corporation registered in October 2013 under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act.
It is wholly funded through contributions and supported by volunteer services.

CPSC purposes are to prevent conflict, promote peace, and facilitate the non-violent resolution of conflict in Canada and abroad and to promote and help maintain values and competencies in the peace field for the benefit of the public;

CPSC will achieve this by growing the peace field and establishing and maintaining best practices and standards for individuals engaged in this field through the development and institution of an accreditation program for peace professionals.